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Model: 3pin Cord for Body Aids Hearing Aid Receiver Wire Cable
3pin Cord for Body Aids Hearing Aid Receiver Wire Cable  Item Specifics:1. Item Name: Standard 3pin cord2. Color: Black / Beige3. Length: 75cm (error range: 1-2cm )  4.Usage: Used for pocket hearing aids, the cord runs from the instrument itself up to the ear is critical to&..
Ex Tax:250.00Tk
Brand: Signia Model: All size Signia Hearing Aid Batteries
Signia zinc air batteryUsing and Disposing of Hearing Aid Batteriessignia zinc air battery hearing aid batteries require specific care during use and disposal. While many people might toss these batteries in the trash after using them, this is seriously advised againstWhile hearing aid batteries are..
Ex Tax:250.00Tk
Model: Earplug
An Earplug is a device that is inserted in the ear canal to protect the user's ears from loud noises, intrusion of water, foreign bodies, dust or excessive wind..
Ex Tax:50.00Tk
Brand: ReSound Model: resound Relay 6 Channel Digital Programmable BTE Hearing Aid
Resound BTE 6 channel BTE Digital Programmable Hearing Aid.  Item Specifics:1. Item Name:  Relay 6 Channel Digital Programmable Hearing Aid2. Color: Black 3.Usage: BTE -Behind the Ear Hearing Aids .    Behind the Ear or BTE hearing aids are the world "s most common..
Ex Tax:26,000.00Tk
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