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Siemens Signia Fast P Digital 4 Channel BTE Hearing Amplifier. Updated, Advance and Newer Version of 12P, Touching. (Audiometry Report not Required- Strictly Non-Returnable)
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TK 15,000
অর্ডার করতে কল করুন - 01738 808858
Hearing Aid Types & Styles
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Brand: Signia Model: Hearing Aid Types & Styles
1.BTE Hearing Aid (Behind-The-Ear.2.RIC Hearing Aid (Receiver-In-The-Canal)3. CIC Hearing Aid (In-The-Ear)4. IIC Hearing Aid (In-The-Ear)..
Ex Tax:0.00Tk
Brand: Beltone Model: Turn 75 BTE Hearing Aid
   Beltone Turn 75 BTE Hearing Aid Mild to Severe H/L (60 dB- 80 dB) Beltone TURN is flexi..
Ex Tax:9,000.00Tk
Brand: Beltone Model: Turn 85 BTE
Beltone Turn 85 BTE Hearing AidModerate to Profound H/L (40 dB-100 dB) Beltone TURN is flexibly adjusted to your hearing by manual trimmer ..
Ex Tax:10,500.00Tk
Brand: Signia Model: Fast P BTE Hearing Aid
Siemens Signia Fast P Digital 4 Channel BTE Hearing Amplifier. Updated, Advance and Newer Version of 12P, Touching. (Audiometry Report not Required- S..
Ex Tax:12,500.00Tk
Brand: Signia Model: Fun SP BTE_Hearing _Aid
PROFunProvide an outstanding hearing experience.Available in two behind-the-ear models, the new Fun hearing aids offer higher amplification for p..
Ex Tax:14,000.00Tk
Brand: ReSound Model: Enya 2 BTE Hearing Aid
Clear speech understanding and listening comfort in noise Thanks to the advanced features in ReSound Enya™, your clients can enjoy a comfortable ..
Ex Tax:25,000.00Tk
Brand: Signia Model: Siemens Run SP BTE Hearing Aid
Fitting RangeProfound Hearing Loss (110 dB- 119 dB) Easy to fit in just a few minutes with the convenient Mobile Fitting App, Run is ide..
Ex Tax:25,000.00Tk
Brand: Beltone Model: Beltone Ally 2 BTE Digital Hearing Aid
Beltone Ally 2 BTEA Reliable FriendThe simplicity and user-friendly design of the Beltone Ally™ make it one of the best digital wireless hearing aids...
Ex Tax:26,000.00Tk
Brand: Beltone Model: Ally 2 Completely-in-Canal (CIC) Style
 Completely-in-Canal (CIC) StyleAnother “tiny” offering, the CIC style hearing aid style is worn completely within the ear canal. Being a custom-..
Ex Tax:28,000.00Tk
Brand: Signia Model: Motion P 1px BTE Hearing Aid
Product Details:New Blk designMoisture and dust resistance.Highly flexible 16-channel programming and Digital signal processingComplete wireless capab..
Ex Tax:32,000.00Tk
Model: Earplug
An Earplug is a device that is inserted in the ear canal to protect the user's ears from loud noises, intrusion of water, foreign bodies, du..
Ex Tax:50.00Tk
Model: 3pin Cord for Body Aids Hearing Aid Receiver Wire Cable
3pin Cord for Body Aids Hearing Aid Receiver Wire Cable  Item Specifics:1. Item Name: Standard 3pin cord2. Color: Black / Beige3. Length: 75..
Ex Tax:250.00Tk
Brand: Signia Model: All size Signia Hearing Aid Batteries
Signia zinc air batteryUsing and Disposing of Hearing Aid Batteriessignia zinc air battery hearing aid batteries require specific care during use and ..
Ex Tax:250.00Tk
Brand: ReSound Model: resound Relay 6 Channel Digital Programmable BTE Hearing Aid
Resound BTE 6 channel BTE Digital Programmable Hearing Aid.  Item Specifics:1. Item Name:  Relay 6 Channel Digital Programmable Hearing..
Ex Tax:26,000.00Tk

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